Cryptas, as a professional IT-security company, specializes in digital identity, reliable authentication methods, encryption and signature.


What we did

  • Workshop OpenLDAP, SQL versus OpenLDAP, Differences, Architecture, Implementation, Technological Choice

logo ow2      OW2

OW2 is an independent, global, open-source software community. The mission of OW2 is to a) promote the development of open-source middleware,
generic business applications, cloud computing platforms and b) foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem.

OW2 developments follow a flexible, component-based approach. These components range from specific software frameworks,
protocols and applications through to integrated, service-oriented platforms for enterprise computing.

What we did

  • LDAP auditing Workshop OpenLDAP, SQL versus OpenLDAP, Differences, Architecture, Implementation, Technological Choice
  • Review schemas and data modeling
  • Developing a plugin for community management and community projects
  • Intensive testing and correction of the webservice

 Bossteklogo bosstek

Consulting firm specializing in infrastructure, we are involved in both upstream project consultancy
(Scoping study, opportunity study, definition phase blueprint ) and around the issues
of IT production (virtualization, high availability, security SI, definition or development of architectures,
LAN, WAN, SAN, database, infrastructure migration, support). We operate in the areas of Finance, Transport, Industry, Retail, Telecommunication,

What we did

  • Former GOsa² plugin study
  • Data migration study to FusionDirectory
  • Setup of FusionDirectory for infrastructure management

logo-cairnCairn is the brainchild of four publishing houses (Belin, De Boeck, La Découverte and Erès) who support the publication and distribution of journals in the humanities and social sciences. The goal is to join efforts to improve their presence on the Internet, and offer others wishing to develop an electronic version of their publications, technical and commercial tools developed for this purpose.
In February 2006, the National Library of France was involved in this project in order to facilitate the development of a French publishing offer , in digital form. also meet various institutional investors, including Gesval as the company in charge of managing the investments of the University of Liège. In France , the National Book Centre supports this initiative.

What we did

  • Setup of FusionDirectory for infrastructure management


Forum des Images

Created in 1988 to provide the audiovisual memory of Paris , le Forum des images,  from famous films – all cinemas – and from all kind of picture animations. Fiction, documentary , animation, short and feature films , television films, movies on computers … : all types, all sizes, all audiovisual disciplines find here a unique forum for exchange and emotions, recognized by professionals and acclaimed by the public .

Cultivating Diversity and ignore borders, encourage sharing and reflection, thinking time and the world , shoving certainty and surprise , educate and sensitize young to images … through the eye of the camera!

What we did

  • Redesign an OpenLDAP directory
  • Setup of FusionDirectory for infrastructure management
  • Overhaul internal and external DNS
  • Setup OPSI for installation and management ofsoftware  to deploy Windows machines
  • Setup a quality control process for OPSI deployment of packages

macguff Mac Guff

Mac Guff is a leading studio of digital visual effects creation in Europe. He extends his practice of film industry advertising, TV programs music videos

Notre intervention

  • Migration de FusionDirectory 1.0.6 vers


Avencall is transforming enterprise telecommunications and its associated business model by providing open,
upgradable and creative telephony solutions that serve our customers’ business needs. This success is made possible by our employees’ teamwork and expertise.

What we did

  • Redesign an OpenLDAP directory
  • Setup of FusionDirectory for infrastructure management
  • Train the employees to FusionDirectory

m-villagem-brussels village

Business center for emerging companies in the field of new Internet Technologies and Communication (ICT).

What we did

  • Installed a full free software infrastructure to manage all the aspect of the business center


Security Tax and Accounting abbreviated “Sefico” is a major Belgian trusts founded in 1925.

What we did

  • Installed Asterisk voip pabx


Derma developpement

Derma is a development company that creates cosmetics.

What we did

  • Installed a full free software infrastructure.
  • Installed mail server based on cyrus.
  • Installed file server based on Samba.
  • Installed Asterisk pabx software to replace an ALCATEL pabx.


The Chjt (Jean Titeca Hospital) is a psychiatric hospital in the city of Brussels.

What we did

  • setup OPSI for installation and management of software  to deploy Windows machines
  • study and realization of their migration plan from Windows XP to seven