logo fusiondirectoryManage a company directory with FusionDirectory

This course is designed specifically for sysadmins who would like to install, configure, customize FusionDirectory.

Our trainers are experts in the implementation and development of OpenLdap and FusionDirectory. All our trainers also conduct  implementation of FusionDirectory projects for our customers. The trainings are conducted within your company with your teams.


Training details

Training goals Methods
  • Understand the architecture of the application and its interaction with the existing IS
  • Install, configure, adapt the application to their needs
  • Theorical contributions  60 %
  • Practical cases 40 %
Training target Prerequisite
  • Sysadmins
  • Project managers
  • Basic knowledge of OpenLDAP
  • Basic knowledge of system administration
  • 3 days

Training content
  • OpenLDAP recalls
    • design a directory: what you should avoid
    • business organization and LDAP
    • LDAP objects and schema
    • access rights: LDAP ACLs
  • Introduction to FusionDirectory
    • operation and interaction with the directory
    • what you can do when you use FusionDirectory, what you can’t
  • Prerequisite: use of a directory
    • install a new LDAP directory
    • use an existing directory
    • add needed schemas for FusionDirectory
    • adapt an existing directory to work with FusionDirectory
  • Installation of FusionDirectory
    • using packages
    • using sources
    • step by step installation
    • manage updates
    • available scripts
  • The basic items of the FusionDirectory UI
    • display filters
    • actions
    • data exports
  • ACLs management
    • define access levels for data: use cases
    • define ACLs on UI
    • debug non working ACLs
  • FusionDirectory plugins
    • advanced installation, configuration, use
    • directory administration
    • users management
    • system management
    • infrastructure services
    • additional features
  • Use of templates
    • use cases and first setup
    • use of predefined expressions
  • Deploy a park using Argonaut plugin in FusionDirectory
    • capabilities and features of Argonaut
    • components and how it works
    • basic setup
  • Triggers use
    • use cases
    • actions and content types
    • langages: shell, perl, php
    • how to write and setup your own plugins
  • Troubleshooting


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