openldapManage an OpenLDAP directory

This training is designed specifically for sysadmins who would like to install, configure, customize OpenLDAP server.

Our trainers are experts in the implementation and development of OpenLdap. All our trainers also conduct  implementation of OpenLDAP projects for our customers. The trainings are conducted within your company with your teams.


Training details

Training goals Méthods
  • Understanding the architecture of an LDAP directory
  • Install, configure, secure an LDAP directory server
  • Theorical contributions 60 %
  • Practical cases 40 %
Cible de la formation Prérequis
  • Sysadmins
  • Linux knowledge base
  • 3 days

Training content
  • Defining an LDAP directory
    • Designing a directory : deadlocks and best practices
    • Business organization and LDAP
  • Concepts related to LDAP
    • Entry, attribute
    • Object classes
    • Filter, context
    • DIT (Directory Information Tree)
  • LDAP protocol
    • Definition
    • Main actions
    • Extended controls
  • Setting up OpenLDAP
    • Installation of OpenLDAP
    • Basic configuration
    • Schemas management
    • %Manage cn=config backend
  • Use OpenLDAP
    • Creation of LDIF files
    • Manage directory entries using cli: basic commands and online editors
    • Create search filters
    • How to read logs: optimization information and debug
  • Security and OpenLDAP
    • How to write OpenLDAP ACLs
    • How to manage certificates: encryption using SSL and TLS
    • SASL configuration
  • OpenLDAP replication
    • Setup
    • Create slave servers
  • Bakcup and restore OpenLDAP directory
  • Integration with core network services
    • Configuring PAM support with ldap

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