fusiondirectoryWhat is FusionDirectory ?

FusionDirectory provides a solution for daily management of stored data in an LDAP directory . As a cornerstone of the information system, the corporate directory becomes more complex offering more data and manage more infrastructure services.

FusionDirectory is :

  • a modular web interface that fits your needs given the kind of  information and services managed by your directory
  • a simple web interface usable by non-specialists
  • a tool used by administrators and end users
  • management of access rights to fully or partially delegate data management information system

FusionDirectory allows management of :

  • users
  • network Services
  • messaging
  • accesses
  • workstations

Fusion Directory integrates with existing infrastructure and relies only on the LDAP standards.

FusionDirectory relies on major implementations of LDAP directories: ApacheDirectory ( Apache Foundation)  , 389- Directory ( Fedora Project ), OpenLDAP .

Who needs FusionDirectory ?

FusionDirectory is intended for system administrators who manage a fleet of machines and user accounts . There is no minimum or maximum for the number of account systems to be managed. The only prerequisite is that the LDAP directory that stores this information must be properly sized and optimized

Opensides is FusionDirectory publisher

Opensides team is the basis for the creation of the project and is now helping to operate within the community that is created.

Opensides with you

Implementation of FusionDirectory is a special time to review the structure of the directory, optimize and possibly complete . It also allows you to review the way these data are used in terms of business organization .

We can also consider creating non- existing modules that could meet your needs for data management and services not yet taken into account by FusionDirectory .

Finally this support is also reflected in a full range of support and training .

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