Open Source projects are now providing the company with a multitude of open solutions that, when combined, allow to have a real solution for fleet management with two important features in this area:

  • centralized management for deployments of machines and software (FAI)
  • centralized configuration management of installed systems (puppet, cfengine, salt, ansible)

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FAI enables deployment in non-interactive mode of Linux machines, ranging from installation to management software, through customization and management of installed systems. FAI is a fully scalable solution that can be used for a smaller park but also a park of several tens of thousands of machines.

FAI provides management of physical machines as well as virtual machines or nodes in a cloud. Only a few minutes between turning on the machine and the availability of the system installed and configured all automatically.

Supported distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, SUSE ..

The main features:

  • centralized deployment and configuration
  • management of virtual machines (KVM, Xen or VirtualBox, Vserver)
  • integrated solution for system  disaster recovery
  • possibility to add hooks at all stages of using FAI to cater more closely to the needs
  • management of hardware inventory
  • management of heterogeneous materials. The supported platforms are: i386, AMD64, PowerPC, SPARC, IBM z10 mainframe


debconf is the interface for configuration management of Debian distributions. It allows you to fully customize a server or workstation to meet the exact needs of application choices, network configuration, service configuration …


Our role as editor of FusionDirectory

As we master all these tools, we have integrated them in FusionDirectory. We make available user-friendly interfaces that facilitate the handling of these tools on a daily basis and thus allow to delegate management.



Opensides with you

We propose to take advantage of all these selected, alone or in combination into an existing infrastructure, while migration or implementation of new infrastructure solutions:

  • study of the existing and specific needs
  • choice of the best software solutions based on the identified needs
  • pre-installation testing and deployment of systems and software for complete process validation 

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