OpenLDAP and company directories

The company directory is now at the heart of enterprise information system. It can store a reference structure and centralize all data related to resources, people in the company . It can provide information for authentication and secure access for users to different enterprise resource:

  • authentication on workstations , email, file servers , network resources.
  • Sometimes it interacts with other directories present in the company and requires synchronization mechanisms .

OpenLDAP is a free and complete implementation of the LDAP protocol. It offers

  • comprehensive server security mechanisms
  • replication servers for load balancing or multisite configurations
  • a modular design that allows you to add features depending on the choices made
  • advanced mechanisms for managing ACLs for data access

Opensides with you

With our many years of experience in the field , we provide you with our expertise to develop a new directory, or migrate an existing directory but also optimize the infrastructure necessary to ensure the safety and effectiveness of this directory.

We define all the steps necessary to achieve this goal :

  • audit of the existing directory or needs for the establishment of a new directory : flow analysis of internal data, analysis of existing data , analysis of how the company works and its organization
  • development of the target directory and its contents
  • definition of infrastructure taking into account the existing status

We also work on the elaboration of complementary schemes if the need is proven but needs synchronization or consolidation with existing directories in the business.


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