OPSI is free software and has no licensing cost. Nevertheless the development of a new module is expensive. Uib invented a co-funding process in order to finance the development of new modules.

The following modules are developed as a co-financed project. This means that it is only accessible to customers who paid a contribution to the cost of development.

Once funding of a module reaches 100%, the component is part of the opsi free software and can be used freely. He becomes a free software.

Until the module is not financed at 100%, its use is restricted by an activation file located in / etc / opsi / modules.

opsi works perfectly without this activation file. If you want to test these modules, please send an email to opsi at opensides.be

Name of the module Price % financing
License Management 2000 Euro 69,00%
Wan VPN 2000 Euro 76,00%
Mysql Backend 2000 Euro 89,00%
Nagios Connector 2000 Euro 49,00%
Local Image Backup 2000 Euro 46,00%
Linux Agent 2000 Euro 23,00%

The above prices are for 500 systems