Free software at the heart of the creation of Opensides

Opensides was created in 2001 with the idea of promoting Free Software as a full solution for enterprise computing, at a time when the Free Software was not as widespread. Our credo: “Regaining control of its computer.” The qualities of free software, its efficiency, durability also make simpler and more efficient and robust than proprietary software.

We made our first big step in this direction in 2004:  OpenSides becomes the open source provider of the data center of the Brussels Capital Region (CIRB).

Opensides is primarily a European company. We get our first contracts in France, starting in 2006 with EDF R&D.  In 2007, we started the implementation and monitoring tools deployed on the cluster test at EDF R & D.

Besides our main activities, we also try to be  socially active by financing associations that help the promotion of free software, but also digital freedoms, the press or even local actions (eg Restaurant du Coeur).

Opensides as a full member of the Free Software Ecosystem

In 2007, OpenSides specializes in the deployment of systems and LDAP directories

Alongside our business, we make a point of honor to contribute to Free Software and thus contribute to the development effort: FusionDirectory, the InifiniBand layer (ofed) in Debian. We participate also in the ecosystem of Free Software. FusionDirectory is published under a free license, 100% GPL, without the use of so-called professional version or non-free options. We are then deeply involved in the Libre communities , all our developments are integrated into upstream projects.

In 2012,Opensides joins naturally Ter@tec.

En 2013, we become publisher of FusionDirectory, keeping the same licence and the way software is available.

Our future : work together and support our clients

We believe more than ever in the power of Free Software as a true asset to the company. We will develop our offer around companies directories (OpenLDAP, FusionDirectory) but also the deployment of IT park

That’s why we hope to be able very soon to hire new collaborators.